How do I know if a price applies to a patient with government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare)?
This issue is the largest and most confusing when it comes to prescribing. We have tried to make this as simple as possible.


On our price lists there is a column to the left of every medication. If you see an “M” in that column that medication is one that is available to the medicare population. They will get the “not covered” price listed out in the right hand columns.


Compounds are available to everyone at the listed price. There can be some nuances to some medicare patients, Tricare retirees, etc. We can work all through all these issues and are happy to walk your patients through all of these. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have over the phone. Call our Texas pharmacy at 325-704-5222 or our Tennessee pharmacy at 931-487-1700.
How do I access the most recent pricing sheet?
You can visit our website Click on the provider login and sign up.

You will have access to the most recent pricing sheets as well as other tools. You will also be notified every month when the pricing has been updated or if any other major changes occur during the month. 

You can also call the pharmacy and request one to be emailed or faxed and you can email our Sales and Marketing manager [email protected] and request that she email or fax you one. She can add you to a monthly email or fax list as well.
What are the different ways I can send in a compounded prescription?

You can E-scribe compounds (this varies depending on your software) most E-scribing software allows for adding compounds, or using a miscellaneous or notes the pharmacy. You can fax compound prescriptions using your own script pads or pages or download our compound prescribing sheet from our prescriber section of the website. You can call the pharmacy directly and give us your compound prescriptions over the phone .

What should I do if a patient says they have not been contacted yet?

If it has been more than a few hours you may ask that the patient call the pharmacy directly or you or your staff can contact the pharmacy. Someone will look into the issue and rectify it immediately. 

How can I request more tear-offs?

You can request tear-offs directly from the tear-off order form

The link is at the bottom of our home page and also in the prescriber access section of the website. You can call the pharmacy or contact your sales rep.

Which states do you ship to?
We are currently serving the states colored green. The states in red are coming soon. This map is kept up to date, changing as we add states. Always check this map for most up to date information.

If you do not have access to this, simply call the pharmacy and they will be happy to help.


How long will it take to receive my prescription?

Your prescriptions will be shipped one of three ways, Standard FedEx taking 1-2 days; Overnight FedEx (typically an upcharge); or USPS First Class or Priority dependent on the size of the product being shipped (First Class/Priority does not affect the patient delivery window) normally taking 3-5 days.  

How much does shipping cost?

There are some cases that patients repeatedly ask for overnight shipping. In this case, the patient will be charged that additional cost. If it is a rare emergency or request, we try to take care of the patient at no charge.

Do you accept insurance for all of your medications?

We do accept most all major insurances for most every manufactured medications. Our compound medications are cash only and very affordable even without insurance. 

Why did my doctor send my prescription to your pharmacy?

Your doctor wants you to receive your dermatology medications at the best price with great service. For a full explanation of the reasons your dermatologist chose Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy please read more here. Also, check out our Google reviews. 

What should I do if I have not heard from the pharmacy?

Please call the pharmacy directly. Call our Texas pharmacy at 325-704-5222 or our Tennessee pharmacy at 931-487-1700.

What should I do if I do not receive my package?

Check the tracking your received from us. If that does not answer your questions or there is a problem, please contact the pharmacy if you have not received your prescription in the time we advised you of. Call our Texas pharmacy at 325-704-5222 or our Tennessee pharmacy at 931-487-1700.

How will my package be shipped?

We use different shipping options for different medications but your prescription will be delivered either Fedex or USPS and we will provide you with a tracking number. 

How can I request a refill for my prescription?

Call the pharmacy directly. You can reach our Texas pharmacy at 325-704-5222 or our Tennessee pharmacy at 931-487-1700.

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